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Who I'm I?

Hi! My name is Israel Ruiz. I'm an artist and technology enthusiast. I have a lot of different hobbies and interests but I mainly focus on stuff that connects with other people. I make video games because I believe its the most immersive art form.

I have a lot of things to say and video games are an incredible way to share ideas and give experiences to people who are better at communicating in that way. I teach others how to make games because I believe in the free flow of information and I want to help others become smarter and learn more then what their income might not allow.
I want to share what I know and help others in what little way I can.
(O  O)♥ Thanks for reading!

My Hobbies & interests

Godot logo

Godot is a hobby in and of itself. learning everything about a game engine and making games in it is a big part of this. The other half consists making tutorials and games.

voice acting

I like reading aloud, animating, and video editing. Making comic dubs involves all of these so I really enjoy making them.

video editing

I like editing videos^^ It's very zen. I currently use Olive Editor but eventually I'd like to be able to use DaVinci Resolve.

image logo

Sometimes I make original logos but a lot of the time I cleanup existing ones. This is because downloading images off the internet doesn't work out well. I have a couple different tools for this: GIMP, Inkscape. Usually I make the logo in several different parts so I can animate it in Natron or Fusion.

youtube logo

I love YouTube and I'm really proud of being able to contribute to all the different communitys I'm apart of on there. I have several channels I'm running but I still have ideas for several more.

Other Things I'm Doing

youtube logo

Game Dev Channel

This youtube channel is for teaching game development and advertising the games I've made

youtube logo

Entertainment channel

I run a second enterainment focused YouTube channel called BITCRUSH. I play games, review 1990s-2010 themed websites. I post music I make as well as weird core play lists. It's family frendly so if you have siblings or kids they can watch too!