Plaid Perfection: Embracing the Timeless Charm of the Plaid Skirt

Putting together an outfit can be a hassle and sometimes you need that staple piece to pull it together. I give you, SKIRTS.

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I shouldn’t need to explain why skirts are great but here is the idea: One, they’re cute as hell, especially plaid, and two they go with everything. Super versatile.

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The skirts from above are dark blue plaid high waisted pleated skater skirts. From what I can tell the first one is a different pattern.

you can get the first one here and the second one here.

Here are a couple others outfits to give you an idea of what’s possible with this skirt. I also uncluded links to some accessories that would complement any punk or alt style. ;)

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Do you see that massive belt? You can get that here. There is also this one that has a detachable chain, which if you like that punk style is a good investment, especially if you want elements that can be reused with different outfits.

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Not all belts are the same though and you don’t even need them to go through those belt loops. Just let it hang around your waist like in this photo by @Natalia Świątek from Pinterest.

They are wearing two belts but the one I’m refering to has that cute heart near the buckle. You can get that here.

image al text Those tights you can get here.

image al text For fishnet leggings, I found the best match to the photo above here. I also found a massive discount for a pair of fishnets at -45% off. This pair of fishnets comes in two different sizes for only 4.99$ or you could get this set of three for 20% off for 7.99$

Please let’s not forget the thigh high socks. Don’t feel limited to one style or pattern. The colors and patterns you pick say something about who you are and what you like, so explore and be fearless with what you choose. You can find the pattern you like best here.

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